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Da Grouch New Released Album East End II 

Da Grouch New Release Album East End II: 

Da Grouch blessed alot of fans with another project titled East End II, which consists of 5 dope cuts for fans to enjoy. The album boasts production from 1080Pale, Aztecas Beatz, Treyo Snapped, and Beat Demons. 

East End II begins with a New Years Vibe “12am,” a song that was first heard back in 2022. The energized charged offering sees the San Antonio star opening up to us about what to expect this New Years 2023: 

“I'm getting money now let the rest unfold, I dont ever ever ever wanna go broke,You tell em who you is hoping everybody know, Nigga I been here before, and I hate I gotta go, But its so crowded down below and I got somewhere we could be, If I don't keep real 
Ain't no telling what I'll keep, I'm so sorry I can't understand you niggas when ya speak, And by the way you paint a picture you would swear that shit for me'…” 

Back in December, Grouch released a new album titled East End. In a social media clip, he provided viewers with a taste of what can be expected while stating that the forthcoming release — which is now said to be titled East End II — should be making landfall at the top of this month: 

“My next album named East End III, dropping this February, just wait and hate until. If you just listen to what I’m saying, [you’ll] love my delivery and emotions put into every song… it’s either you goin’ follow or stay [the f**k] out my way.” 

Press play on East End 2 below. 

https://music.apple.com/us/album/east-end-East End IIep/1660252858?IsEastEndII

Da Grouch Unreleased Album East End  

Over the year, Da Grouch reveiled his latest album, East End. The new project has no features, and only 5 tracks. On the song, Grouch spits some bars about the importance of being Someone To Somebody:  

On point with it please do not point at me  
I know you hate me and only me  
I was not the problem or issue  
But I'll never tell you it humbles me  
Embassy suite my location  
You used to be in rotation  
At the top looking down at the traffic 
Head in the game, still at work on vacation  
In the studio locked in the chamber  
Don't show me love outta anger  
Scorpion the brand it a chang ya 
I can't be ya r&b Sanger  
You can't hold the water you carry  
You'll let it flood in a hurry  
Our loving aint for the streets  
That kinda shit kinda get old in yo 30s.  

Back in 2021, the Texas-bred rapper shared Riverwalk Flows 3, which contained 12 songs and no features. The project was led by well-received singles like “Still Counting,” "Represent," and “Hottest Winter.” Prior to that was Riverwalk Flows 2, his 2020 joint album with The Texas Music Group. Riverwalk Flows 2 housed 10 hard-hitting songs and a single assist from HollywoodDaGr8.