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Renowned Texas-based artist, Da Grouch, has been a prolific force in the music industry for a span exceeding 17 years. Throughout nearly two decades, Grouch has established an unwavering commitment to his craft. His resonating 2020 singles, namely 'Before Lunch Early' and 'Smile for the Camera,' have garnered substantial recognition as they permeated various esteemed clubs and neighboring regions, including San Antonio, Waco, Houston, and Dallas. Furthermore, his riveting single, 'Junior Mafla,' was skillfully incorporated into multiple Spotify playlists, ultimately attaining the esteemed status of Trending Music in the year of 2020. On the horizon, anticipation steadily builds for Grouch's forthcoming project, 'East End I & II,' an exceptional EP revolving around collaboration with the esteemed artist, HollywoodTheGr8. Enthusiasts eagerly await the release of this highly anticipated EP, courtesy of Texas Hardknocks Music Group, scheduled to be made available on the momentous dates of December 9th, 2022, and January 6th, 2023.


Management: Texas Hardknocks Music Group

Label: THKMG

Booking: Da Grouch 

Marketing: THKMG 

Email: darealgrouch@gmail.com 


He has lived and performed most recently in San Antonio TX, Miami FL, Los Angeles CA, Dallas TX, Houston TX, Waco TX, Memphis TN, Clarksdale MS, Seguin TX, Atlanta GA, and South Padre TX. He originally gained notoriety by performing at a few Underground Houston Artist events, such as Rock The Mic and Coast To Coast Events. While the veteran Musician has influence across the US, he also has influence internationally.

Grouch’s music have crossed all Hip Hop/Rap genres while keeping a street base sound to a few hits. His Rap career took off after Highschool, where he would Rap for parties and events around the city he is from. Many artists have inspired him to launch a musical career. In his early days, those influences were primarily hip-hop-R&b based music. Biggie, Lil Wayne, Jay Z, Drake, Meek Mill, Wu Tang, and Kanye West were among the specific influences to name a few.

In the mid 2000s, Da Grouch moved to back and forth to Houston Tx which allowed him to go to many shows in the city with Big Name Artist. It was in witnessing these shows that he became fully immersed in the Rap culture and Street music. After watching some of his favorites in the industry perform he was eager to jump in himself.

Now as a seasoned rapper and artist, Da Grouch creates music with energy to bring people together. 

He believes that music can be a healing tool to bring others together in a world that is so divided.

His music tells a story of what goes on in the streets, and relationships. He has created a genuine space for fans to relate and connect to his music. Grouch put his entire life and soul into his music. It’s that honesty that resonates with his fans, and the reason they love him so much.

His sound is mostly based on Rap/Hip Hop and has a specific focus on the streets, the city, and elements of his culture. Singer-songwriters, HollywoodDaGr8, Versatile, Mr. H, D Brown, Buu Mane, D Clark, Slim Ez, Big Roddy, O.A.T.M, “(OffAt Tha Mouf),” Abstract on The Boardz, Lil Zay, Squarbizness Cliff, J Starr, and Xzilla Music, is also featured on a few of Grouch’s songs. Looking to the future, he will continue to create music in the Hip Hop realm but would like to venture into other genres such as R&b. 

Da Grouch has a story to tell through the music he makes. Every song he creates has a piece of his story included in it. His ultimate goal as an artist is to make his audience feel the energy and emotions he radiates in every song and performance. 

Most recently, Grouch has released 2 Albums titled East End I & II through his label Texas Hardknocks Music Group.